NetZero Building Platform

A complete structural office building solution, the NetZERO Building Platform provides an efficient alternative to traditional buildings in both design and delivery models. With a focus on sustainability and occupant wellness, NetZERO responds to market concerns about how and where work will happen in the future. 

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Building for the future

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Design standards that prioritize healthy environments
  • 100% outside air ventilation
  • 40% less whole life carbon over the buildings life
  • 30% reduction in overall energy
  • Easily adapts to updates in layout
  • Meet the 2030 Challenge, today!

CARBONSHIELD™ is a new proprietary concrete mix developed by IJʿ.

CARBONSHIELD provides the same performance as traditional mixes, with up to 50% less embodied carbon. Additionally, CARBONSHIELD can be used throughout the building structure and not only in elements that tolerate slow strength gain.

By combining CARBONSHIELD with radiant floors, IJʿ delivers the best-in-class carbon reduction solution available.

The Office Building Reimagined

Grid Flexible
Thermally Efficient
Low Maintenance
Manufactured Offsite
40% Less Carbon Over Building Life

All Electric + Sustainable

NetZERO maximizes its all-electric heat pump resulting in heating and cooling efficiencies that are double what can be accomplished by non-radiant heat pump systems.

NetZERO minimizes equipment needs & is optimized to reduce demands on the grid leading to important cost savings.

  • 89% Below Baseline EUI
  • 40% Less Whole Life Carbon
  • 30% Less Embodied Carbon

the netzero platform

The value of the NetZero Building Platform is the combination of its three primary systems. 


Prefabricated building frame


Thermally active radiant floor system


Infinite Facade, or other high-efficiency facade system

How We Are Different

  • Reimagined and redesigned from the ground up with health and sustainability as a priority. 
  • Integrated systems; designed to work as one.
  • Building owners no longer must sacrifice sustainability to meet the proforma.
  • Offsite manufacturing is leveraged to deliver premium performance and design flexibility at a lower cost.

Prioritize Wellness

Our radiant system uses 100% outside air.

Health Benefits compared to recirculated air systems:

  • 33% less allergy symptoms
  • 50% less asthma systems

Zoned climate control = optimal comfort.


“By fully maximizing prefabrication and engineering integration, IJʿ has transformed what is normally a highly specialized bespoke process for world-class radiant buildings into a ready-to-go, flexible building system.”

Infinite Facade™

Though conceived with efficiency in mind, the NetZERO Building Platform delivers generously on creative design details; and when coupled with IJʿ’s Infinite Facade, it delivers performance and prestige for your next project.

Thermally Active Floor System

Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter while using 30% less energy year-round. Our prefabricated radiant floor system leverages the perfect balance of thermal mass, energy efficiency, and program flexibility into a cost-effective and healthy building solution.

What Sustainability Means To Us

Zero waste operations

Our Woodland plant is a nearly ‘zero waste’ operating facility in responsibly diverting waste from landfills, with a diversion rate of nearly 90%.

Renewable energy-powered operations

Our recent solar farm expansion supplies 100% of electrical energy used at all our CA manufacturing plants.

Green Fleet

In a commitment to “green our fleet”, our Woodland plant uses an Orange EV pure electric terminal tractor in place of a traditional diesel-fueled yard truck. Over its lifespan, it reduces emissions equivalent up to 2,500 tons CO2.

Buying Local

Whenever possible, local suppliers are our preference in materials acquisition, ensuring the least amount of carbon impact in transportation of materials.

Concrete Recycling

All coarse or fine concrete aggregates remaining from batch processing are reclaimed and recycled, eliminating concrete waste.


Nearly all water used in our prefabrication batch processes is recycled and reused on site.

we are changing the game when it comes to commercial structures

Featured Projects

Featured NetZERO Resources

IJʿ’s NetZERO Building platform provides an efficient alternative to traditional buildings in both design and delivery models. By optimizing the building’s structural, mechanical and envelope systems to work together, the NetZERO Platform prioritizes energy efficiency, sustainability and health and wellness for its occupants.

The Radiant Whole Life Carbon Study will spark change. Change expectations for what it means to actionably assess carbon. Change markets by creating something fundamentally sound, yet truly new.

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Finishes Guide

Standard Finishes Guide

We offer a wide range of standard colors, forms and textures or a combination for our integrated envelope systems. The Standard Finishes Guide showcases our standard finishes and cost ranges.