Data Center Solutions

Accelerated schedules at a lower cost

Our cost-effective precast data centers ensure an expedited construction timeline and offer robust structural resilience, customized to meet the demands of any mission-critical operation.
IJʿ Data Center Solutions
Data Center With Black Panels

Product Advantages

  • Offsite construction for accelerated project delivery
  • Structural Flexibility
  • Up to 600psf live load superimposed floor capacity
  • Long spans 60ft plus
  • 42′ x 60′ typical grid at 400psf floor loading
  • Integrates with IJʿ’s insulated wall panels and/or with
    other enclosure systems such as curtain wall and metal panel.
  • Over 100 standard architectural finishes

Insulated Wall Panels

  • Wall panels engineered to meet desired performance
  • Insulation thickness varies depending on thermal requirements (R-value)
  • Wall panels can be cladding only OR load bearing
  • Commonly used for lateral force resistance
SV5 Data Center
Data Center

IJʿ Technical Advantages

  • Designed for longer spans and greater weight support per square foot.
  • Integrated structural and enclosure systems.
  • Prefabricated mechanical platforms and generator rooms for faster market delivery.
  • Durable materials
  • Cement replacement strategies to reduce embodied carbon.
  • Offsite manufacturing provides high-quality with flexible design and superior performance, all at a lower cost.
  • 250+ acres of industrial manufacturing to serve the Southwest and Western regions.

Take advantage of our test fit early engagement services for early design concepts

Advantages of a IJʿ Data Center

Superior Technical Advantages
Faster Schedule
Lower Cost
Data Center Accelerated Project Delivery

Prefabricated data center wall moving from production to staging area

Accelerated Project Delivery

Offsite construction can deliver projects between 30 and 50 percent faster than traditional methods. Manufacturing of the structure occurs simultaneously with the site and foundation work. Schedule delays due to weather and other external factors are significantly reduced since a majority of the construction takes place in a controlled environment.

To further accelerate the construction schedule, IJʿ can prefabricate the generator shed and mechanical platform.

We proudly incorporate CARBONSHIELD™ into our structural products. CARBONSHIELD™ minimizes Portland Cement usage in our concrete, reducing carbon emissions and offering a greener choice for our
clients. In addition, we provide premium carbon-saving options that allow our clients to take their commitment to sustainability even further.

Data Center Resiliency

Resilient Structure

In critical applications where continuous operation is imperative, the choice of materials is crucial. Data centers require resiliency and durability; precast stands out as the ideal solution.

  • Entire structure is a 2-hour UL fire resistant rating
  • Wind disaster resistant
  • Excellent seismic performance
  • Durable materials that stand the test of time

We are changing the game when it comes to data center construction

What Sustainability Means To Us

Zero waste operations

Our Woodland plant is a nearly ‘zero waste’ operating facility in responsibly diverting waste from landfills, with a diversion rate of nearly 90%.

Renewable energy-powered operations

Our recent solar farm expansion supplies 100% of electrical energy used at all our CA manufacturing plants.

Green Fleet

In a commitment to “green our fleet”, our Woodland plant uses an Orange EV pure electric terminal tractor in place of a traditional diesel-fueled yard truck. Over its lifespan, it reduces emissions equivalent up to 2,500 tons CO2.

Buying Local

Whenever possible, local suppliers are our preference in materials acquisition, ensuring the least amount of carbon impact in transportation of materials.

Concrete Recycling

All coarse or fine concrete aggregates remaining from batch processing are reclaimed and recycled, eliminating concrete waste.


Nearly all water used in our prefabrication batch processes is recycled and reused on site.

Our Data Center Key Features

400+ lb per sqft
42 ft x 60 ft typical floor grid
1 point of contact
2-4 months schedule saving

Datacenter Structural Products

Simplify the data center construction process with our efficient and dependable products, seamlessly integrated to cater to your specific needs.

L Beams
R Beams
Inverted Tee
Double Tee Deck
Grated Floor Plank
Finishes Guide

Standard Finishes Guide

We offer a wide range of standard colors, forms and textures or a combination for our integrated envelope systems. The Standard Finishes Guide showcases our standard finishes and cost ranges.