Lab Solutions

High-performing, prefabricated laboratory facilities

Utilizing similar components to our NetZERO Building Platform, IJʿ delivers a complete structural system for lab facilities that are suitable for a range of uses including life sciences, R&D, and advanced technology. Our lab solutions are designed to provide important cost savings and superior performance and flexibility. For example, our system can simultaneously accommodate the performance requirements of a premium lab space and an energy efficient office space by leveraging low-carbon concrete and pre-manufactured radiant floors.

Optimal Vibration Control

Optimal Vibration Control

Achieve 2,000 mips with fewer columns.

Our structural lab solution offers the most economical solution for achieving premium level vibration performance when compared to all other competing structural systems. The floor framing has been designed for structural efficiency and offers superior strength and stiffness that allows for total grid spacing freedom. As a result, depending on project requirements, floor framing layouts can be configured to achieve RMS velocities as low as 2,000 mips and with significantly fewer columns than competing structural systems.

Flexible Design

  • Achieve spans up to 48′ on a 33′ column grid
  • Simplify current and future tenant improvements
  • Up to 2′ wide unplanned floor openings permitted without additional reinforcing
  • Easily add stairways – no additional framing required
  • Designate office space for additional energy, cost and operational carbon savings
  • Integrates with Infinite Facade™ or other conventional facade systems
  • Horizontal penetrations in beams for routing pipes and conduits

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Resilient Structure

Manufactured offsite, the lab structural components – floor, beams, columns, walls – are extremely durable while reducing building weight and embodied carbon.

Our lab buildings are designed for:

  • A 100 psf+ live load
  • Placement of 100k lb mechanical equipment anywhere on the roof
  • 2-hour UL fire resistant rating
  • Type 1B and 1A construction

CARBONSHIELD™ is a new proprietary concrete mix developed by IJʿ.

CARBONSHIELD provides the same performance as traditional mixes, with up to 50% less embodied carbon. Additionally, CARBONSHIELD can be used throughout the building structure and not only in elements that tolerate slow strength gain.

By combining CARBONSHIELD with radiant floors, IJʿ delivers the best-in-class carbon reduction solution available.

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Leveraging decades of structural design experience, IJʿ’s Lab Solutions offer premium laboratory facilities that respond to a range of mission critical uses including life science, advanced technology, and R&D.
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Finishes Guide

Standard Finishes Guide

We offer a wide range of standard colors, forms and textures or a combination for our integrated envelope systems. The Standard Finishes Guide showcases our standard finishes and cost ranges.